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China domain name disputeChina domain name dispute

Today, a company’s Internet presence plays an increasingly vital role in its ultimate business success. Our China domain name lawyer offers clients a full range of strategic services designed to support their digital identities by establishing, maintaining, protecting, and enforcing their domain names. Well-versed in evolving policies and standards, we are able to help our diverse group of clients successfully navigate this crucial area of intellectual property law. 

Strategic Counsel on Internet Issues and Domain Name Portfolio Development and Protection

A website address is an integral part of an organization’s brand identity. Our Firm is highly experienced in helping clients develop viable domain name strategies that meet their individual needs. We work with clients to create and select effective domain names and provide astute advice on the acquisition, registration, and enforcement of domain names.

A domain name is no more than an online address. No rights can therefore be granted in respect of a domain name. However, a trademark holder can nevertheless take action against the use of a domain name if the trademark rights of the trademark holder are infringed through the use of a more recently acquired domain name.

Domain Name Selection and Registration

The choice of a domain name is the critical first step in establishing and protecting online IP rights in china. We help clients to create domain names that will achieve their objectives and help them secure and register such names.

Domain Name Acquisition

We assist with the acquisition of domain names for our client by running searches on desired domain names and where desired are already registered, help with the acquisition of domain names.

Social Media Trademark Issues and Claims

The social media landscape is rapidly evolving. Such explosive growth in social media usage has generated a host of potential trademark issues. At the forefront of this burgeoning field, Our Firm is well equipped to guide clients through a shifting legal environment by offering up-to-date counsel on everything from trademark protection for hashtags, user names, and brand identities to compliance with social media policies. We safeguard our clients’ social media presences, protecting them against the unauthorized use of their marks.

Trademark Dilution

Instances of trademark dilution have increased with the proliferation of Internet web addresses. Our team attorneys are effective advocates for clients who believe that the unique strength and identity of a brand is being diluted by a similar mark.

Domain name poaching is known as “cybersquatting.”

Specifically, cybersquatting is registering, selling or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark.  It generally refers to the practice of a third-party registering or “buying up” domain names that use your trademark or the name of your existing business with the intent to sell the names to you for a profit.

If someone is cybersquatting on the domain name that reasonably matches your domain name or if the domain directs you to a website that offers products or services related to yours, it is likely the aforementioned individual is “willing” to sell it to you for a large sum of money.  Hinch Newman can assist you with locating the domain name registrant and resolving these unfair competition practices in an aggressive fashion.

Domain Names Disputes (Cybersquatting)

There are certain Chinese law and regulation provides additional protection against cybersquatters who register domain names in bad faith. Our Firm represents clients in the proceedings in China court. Cybersquatting, typosquatting, and other domain name issues are certainly an area of concern for our clients who are trying to prevent “free-riders” from taking advantage of the goodwill of their well-known domain names and/or trademarks.  This China IP Law Firm services our clients domain name disputes using ICANN’s UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) dispute resolution procedures and trademark infringement actions 

Domain Name Dispute Lawyers and Cybersquatting Attorneys

An experienced domain name dispute lawyer can assist you to preserve your intellectual property rights from misappropriation by securing your domain name – this should be a top-priority.  A component of our firm’s Internet law practice includes the representation of clients in trademark infringement cases involving domain names.

If someone is infringing upon your intellectual property rights, you must first assess what it may take to make the infringer cease and desist from the continuing the unlawful conduct.  Conversely, if someone is demanding that you cease certain conduct and threatening legal action, we can offer strategic guidance and risk analysis by balancing the best business decision in light of your options, including how to respond and whether to litigate.

Contact our China domain name attorney regarding domain name disputes.

Technology is constantly changing and the laws are trying to keep up. Our attorneys work hard to stay current on all of the laws that apply to domain name disputes and other electronic intellectual property matters. We can advise you on your rights and help you understand the obstacles you may be facing. Contact our China lawyer to further discuss your specific domain name dispute questions and concerns in china.